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A Girl, A Horse, A Boy, A Job in Real Estate

What would the illicit lovechild of Stephanie Klein and Curbed look like? Perhaps something like The View from the Balcony, a blog wherein a young women writes about the men in her life and gripes about the demands of an indeterminate job in "real estate." Today's entry:

got all excited (ahem) about writing the boy history, and now i'm inundated with post-holiday real estate work. bah humbug. hope i can come back to it very soon. lots to think/write about elsewise, though none of it will hold still in my jumbled brain long enough to focus, and i'm not sure how much of it belongs here. i asked for this extra real estate work-- i mean, i asked the universe for it, wishing for something to get me on a productive track so i wouldn't mope. and then i got my brain in gear without the work, and now i get the work anyway. ok, fine. i'll take it. but, universe? could i see some financial benefit from this work sometime soon? thanks.Curbed will, you can rest assured, be tracking this developing story closely.
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