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9/11/05: An Open House Tribute

Sunday, September 11. A day for remembering, a day for volunteering, a day for... open houses. Regarding yesterday's featured Tribeca loft, a Curbed reader astutely notes:

I know that it will have been 4 years and all, and that life goes on and whatnot, but is there something a little odd about having an open house for a property in such close proximity to the WTC on the very day (Sept. 11, 1-3PM) that memorial services are taking place there?? I mean, I'm no genius real estate agent (or even a stupid real estate agent for that matter) but it seems like a strange association to make. Unless, of course, it's all part of some ingenious Halstead marketing plan that I don't quite get.
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UPDATE: You knew this was coming, didn't you? A Curbed reader emails, "I dont see anything wrong with having an open house on 9/11....when we stop conducting real estate transactions, the terrorists win."