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Curbed Readers Write: We Call This Little Guy '$100 Grand'

1) Regarding the wild dogs said to be living in Red Hook's ramshackle Sugar Factory, a Curbed reader emails, "Most of the Sugar Factory dogs have found homes among the gentrifying gentry of Red Hook. And in tribute to the gentry's bourgeois sensibilities and humor, most have been given candy bar themed names. Ask around at the new neighborhood bars and you'll meet these sweet pups."
2) Concerning today's Development Du Jour, a Curbed reader emails, "I have been looking to buy a condo that comes with its own hotty succubus! [right] Thanks Curbed for the info."
3) Regarding the gays' migration to Hell's Kitchen: "Sold my place in Chelsea in 2003 (my apartment almost quadruppled in value), rented in Hell's Kitchen for 2 years, and now bought again in Williamsburg. My guess is that Williamsburg is one of the next gay neighborhoods. I've seen so many people who used to own in Chelsea, now living in lofts in the 'Burg."
4) "Do you care that American Apparel is opening in hoboken???" Hmmm. On reflection, no, we do not.