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Curbed Three-Pack: A Median ($725,000) Affair

News that the median price of a Manhattan apartment clocked in at $725,000 in August got us wondering: just what can one buy for exactly $725,000 in Manhattan? After digging through acres of listings, we have one alarming fact to report: by far the most apartments in the city priced at exactly $725,000 are in Murray Hill. By deductive reasoning, Murray Hill must be the most median neighborhood in the city. Hmmm. With no further ado, what $725,000 buys in three Manhattan nabes:

Where: Midtown East (First Ave.)
What: 1BR, $725,000, $553 maint.
When the best thing a broker can come up with in an apartment listing is, "The uptown bus stops right outside as well. Escape to the Hamptons is easy because you are near the Midtown Tunnel," you know we're not in Triple Mint land. But for fans of floral-print design, this three-room 1BR totally lights up our life.
· Listing: First Avenue Condo [Brown Harris Stevens]

Where: Chelsea
What: 1BR, $725,000 (~$725/sqft), $1,120 maint.
Now we're talking. This roughly 1,000 square foot Chelsea 1BR is situated in the ginormous London Terrace Towers building, which hits you with a pricey $1,120 monthly maintenance. But love the dark stained floors, and check out the vault-like door in to the apartment, too.
· Listing: 410 West 24th [Halstead]

Where: Upper East Side
What: 1BR, $725,000 (~$1,169/sqft), $413 maint.
Our pick of this three-pack is this slick-looking Upper East Side penthouse condo. Though the place itself is only 620 square feet, there's a private 200 square foot roofdeck, and low monthly maintenance. It's also the only one of these three listings not to be touted as a "rare opportunity," which makes us respect it that much more.
· Listing: 350 East 62nd Street [Douglas Elliman]