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Big BLUE Update: Toilet Water for the Soul

It seems like only two weeks ago that we got our first glimpse of BLUE, the "striking" 17-story apartment tower going up on the Lower East Side next door to Tonic. (Huh. It was.) The Villager, bless its heart, fills in details, reporting that units will range in price from $700k to $3 million, with completion by the end of next year. And that crazy design, it turns out, is by Bernard Tschumi and SLCE Architects. (Another noted architect slumming with developers! Shocking to note that Bernard ain't touting this baby on his website.)

All well and good. Well, except for peeved residents:

?It?s not going to fit in at all,? said Earl Holloway, 32, an administrator for the School of Visual Arts who lives across the street from the site. ?It will look like one of those big toilet bowl cubes that turn toilet water blue,? he said.A more fitting epitaph for the Lower East Side has not been uttered.
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