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Really Getting to Know the Neighbors

Bruce Ratner may want to rethink his fondness for Brooklyn. From the Dailyheights message board, a report from Prospect Heights:

I recently (I believe) got some new neighbors on the block behind me. They seem about my age and I can't really tell anything about them all the way across the backyards and such...except for the fact they apparently have no curtains and like to parade around appearingly naked. I don't know what to do. My room door faces the back window, so it's like step out and bam! This is a plea: if you're on Sterling with no curtains, cover up because I have perverted friends who might try to tape you (sorta kidding)!
The very next poster asks the question on our lips: "Hello?! No pictures?"
· Really Getting To Know the Neighbors [DailyHeights Forum]