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Tower of Bowery Update: Summertime Blues

Dakota Smith and friends at the Post Home section almost slipped this gem past us. Almost. Turns out the "boutique hotel" on the Bowery mentioned in a news-and-notes column on Saturday is none other than the green-clad Tower of Bowery. We'd reported rumors last summer that Maritime Hotel owners Sean McPherson and Eric Goode reputedly had taken over the project; the Post confirms that and adds some detail:

The 16-story hotel at the corner of Third Street will open this summer. [Developer Jerry] Rosengarten, who's retained a stake in the project, says part of the reason to do a hotel, rather than go residential, was to capitalize on the lack of East Village lodging. [Maritime partner Richard] Born notes the project is "not going to be a modern, slick, boutique-y hotel. It'll look like it's from the early part of the last century."So much to digest—and yet... this summer?! One cannot call bullshit fast enough on that claim. Who knew that when we wrote last July, "This place is officially our new obsession; THOR, we hardly knew ye," we'd be so prescient?
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