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Rumblings & Bumblings: Lakefront Development

[You ask, you answer, we decide. More development questions, answers, and sweet digital pics to Best readers in the land. We mean that.]

1) South Slope: A reader who wants to know what is happening in at 1638 8th Ave. in Brooklyn sends the photo above along with this bit of poetry: "Nestled in a perfectly pristine part of the Southern Slope sleeps Lake Windsor, one of the lesser known Middle Finger Lakes of the Borough of Brooklyn. A wide array of paddling and rowing opportunities await for those who would like to take it a little slower. Now is a perfect time to purchase one of the many vacation homes and seasonal cottages that grace its shores, if your gosh darn lucky enough. There is even a full service Marina/Bodega just a block away offering live bait, beer, and seasonal day trips by licensed professional guides."
2) Lower East Side: "Any idea what's happening on Orchard St [near Broome]? There are about 4 storefronts in a row getting gutted simultaneously. Couldn't possibly be a coincidence, right? One (or more?) of them will be a Mexican joint called El Bocadito - any idea about the others?"
3) Upper East Side: "I was hoping you guys could help my roommate and myself out. We have noticed that on the corner of 86th and third (starts on third at the gap and wraps all the way around to 86th to the movie theater), ALL of the stores have moved or gone out of business. We know stuff comes and goes all the time in the city, but with all of the stores going and it happening so suddenly (in the last two weeks), we thought something might be up. The same thing has started on the corner of 86th and Lexington. Have you heard what might be going into these vacant spots?" [A tipster told us last week that both corners were readying for "big condo development." We know it sounds totally implausible, but if you close your eyes you can sorta imagine "apartment-style" living in this part of Manhattan. Anybody got more?]