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Ask Curbed Answers: Meet, Swap

Alas, yesterday's query about apartment-swapping elicited no horror stories -- no squatting foreigners, no missing appliances, no rearranged underwear drawers. There were only success stories, and acts of uncommon kindness -- "one of the swappers actually defrosted my freezer" and "they even fed her salt water fish." (Defrosted the freezer? Whoa.)

Still, there are issues to consider in the areas of legality and good-neighborliness ("Its horrible to those people that actually live in the building full time"). We don't profess to be experts in either category, but some measure of caution seems to be in order. And there's this, "The only thing I would be concerned about would be what a European would consider a 'deluxe apartment.'" Word is that in some foreign countries, they live in tiny spaces without washers and dryers. Quel horror!
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