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Luna Lounge to Live in Williamsburg?

According to the barely-breathing website for the Luna Lounge?so beloved on Ludlow Street before condos chased it off the Lower East Side?the former owners "are actively looking for a new location in Williamsburg." While we've heard that story a thousand times, a tipster sends word that they're probably most likely almost definitely not pulling our leg(s):

Luna lounge seems to have acquired a space @ Metropolitan + Havemeyer in Williamsburg. A notice of intention to acquire a liquor license for a live music venue called "Luna Lounge" has been posted at a former auto body repair garage. Workers and dumpster were seen arriving early last week. Rumor is the Greek owner of Kellogg's Diner owns the building.Will this reverse hipster migration lead an artsy charge back to Williamsburg? Let us discuss while waiting on our footlongs.
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