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Gehry in Chelsea Update: 'Without a Compass'

The Wall Street Journal turns its eye on one of Manhattan's great partnerships: the alliance between architect Frank Gehry and Barry Diller to build IAC's new headquarters on far West 23rd Street. We've seen the plans, and we've seen the construction progress, but oh baby, we ain't seen nothing like this paragraph:

The geometric façade has eight skyward arcs of glass that will mimic wind-whipped sails of boats making their way along the Hudson River, just across the West Side Highway. Besides reflecting both men's love of sailing, the design of the building in the West Chelsea neighborhood incorporates Mr. Diller's admission that IAC is forming itself without a compass for guidance. "We're making it up as we go along in the interactive [commerce] area, and because of the nature of interactive revenue, there are few rules," Mr. Diller says.And with that, your daily dose of starchitecture bullshit is now complete. Per usual, you can thank us later.
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