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After the Pain, What's Next for Second Avenue Deli?

The morning after the signage was stripped from the facade of the Second Avenue Deli, the NYT reports that, as expected, there was more to the closing than just higher rent: $107,000 in unpaid back rent and other charges, among other issues.

Now that it's clear the Deli is done at the corner of Second and 10th, two possibilities for the future: one, that owner Jack Lebewohl might re-open in another neighborhood (he's getting offers). And two, per the NYT: "'We are getting calls from operators interested in taking over the space,' [owner Martin] Newman said. 'Some of them are kosher deli operators.'"
· If Second Ave. Deli Reopens, It Won't Be Where It Was [NYTimes via Eater]
· Second Avenue Kosher Deli (1954-2006) [Eater, photo by Keith Kin Yan]