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Randalls Island Splish-n-Splash? Prep the Floaties

As temperatures sit comfortably in the mid-40's, the city can no longer hide or deny its great desire to deliver us lowly citizens our greatest need in the whole wide world: a 26-acre water park on Randalls Island. Yep. Seemingly coming out of nowhere but apparently there all along, the Six Flags-ish plans call for developer Aquatic Development Group to finance the building of?again?a friggin' water park for $168 million, which would open by Memorial Day 2007. A $30 all-day ticket would grant access to the park's pools, 80-foot-tall water slides and indoor beach club. Some are making noise about the growing size of the project and the loss of some baseball fields, but we gotta say, just that tiny little picture on the Daily News' website is making us giddy to squeeze into our Curbed-branded Speedos. The Franchise and Concession Review Committee will have a look at the proposal today.
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