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Real, Live People Seen in Essex Street Market

For years, people have debated just what the hell is going on in the north/vacant portion of the Lower East Side's Essex Street Retail Market. Don't get it confused with the southern Market buildings, which hold some two-dozen vendors. The answer to the puzzle lies solely in the brain of Building B leaseholder Henry Rainge-Megill (for the recent history of the troubled building, check out this Downtown Express story from 2004?not much has changed). It's a confusing situation, so whenever there's any sort of action spotted within the building, it's noteworthy. Recently, a tipster was strolling by when he saw some work being done:

Something seems to be happening over at the mostly abandoned Essex Street Market, north of Rivington. Walking by the other day I saw a gate raised, that I've never seen raised before. Henry was overseeing some electrical work for an hour or two when I snapped this pic, but then the gate closed again leaving me even more curious about the future of this building.This is like the LES's very own version of Groundhog Day. Worker seen in doorway? Six more weeks of winter!
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