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Buy a Hershey's from THOR, or Else

Close watchers of Rivington Street know that The Hotel on Rivington has long controlled a small retailish space next to the hotel, which they have been working on for what seems like an eternity (remember the rising up the Evil Ones?) Well, at long last, a sage-like Lower East Side tipster finally thinks he knows what's going on. He snapped the above picture and writes:

THOR does..... electronics? 5 years after they took over an office for bike messengers next to the hotel, and below their management office, THOR has finally revealed what this space will look like. While my girlfriend said it looks like skin care and/or cosmetics store, I happen to notice several cameras positioned on the mostly empty shelves, leading me to believe this will act as a 'general store' for THOR's customers. Disposable cameras, batteries, magazines, newspapers, candy, drinks, etc.. Makes sense, no?Yeah, makes sense. Dollars and sense! Hi-yo!
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