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On the Market: Penthouse Hieroglyphics on East 10th

We're not sure what's so rare about this "rare designers loft condominium" (asking: $3.695 million) or whether it even qualifies as a loft or whether they mean one designer or more than one, but the full-floor apartment has three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, an Italian kitchen, and something peculiar in the lower left-hand corner of the above photo. Writes a browsing e-mailer:

Ok Beautiful loft awesome area but WTF are the strange hieroglyphics written on the side of the couch? Is that fancy designer hippy stuff or a rich loft owner with a white marker who is totally insane?Or perhaps it's just left over from the raucous protests over non-union labor that hounded the extra-air-rights project back in '01 when the condo tower was built above the home of the Theater for the New City. Quoth the unnamed designer(s) a la Duchamp: "Now, at last, my overpriced couch is complete."
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