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Party Report: Manhattan Apartments Turns 21

In her tour de force on brokerage holiday parties printed in the Times on Christmas, Anna Bahney wrote: "Manhattan Apartments, which seems to be trying to keep up with everyone else, doesn't know what kind of party it is going to have, but it will have one, it promised, on Jan. 11." And have one, they certainly did. So how did it go? Our tipster isn't quite sure, because he was too busy courting pneumonia:

The event: The coming-of-age bash for Manhattan Apartments, celebrating its 21st birthday. The place: Providence, 311 West 57th Street.

The music was throbbing and the pasta was crazy delicious.

Unfortunately, founder and president Jerry Weinstein was crazy officious.

The party was preceded by a company pep rally/awards show at which Weinstein talkedtalkedtalked for more than two solid hours, heaping praisepraisepraise upon everyone he had ever crossed paths with in his entire whole wide life since before some of you were born.

At least I think it was more than two hours and I think that's what he talked about because, frankly, I couldn't bear to subject myself to it so I went for a walk in the rain.

Poor Jer. His baby turns legal, and all people want to do is get tipsy and show off their wicked Electric Slide. Ah well.
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