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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: 'Red Door' on Union

For the first time, you were stumped on a 'Spotter. As were we. Luckily, we had a surprise guest appearance by the individual (code name: the golden bear) who snapped the photo of this red door at 388 Union St. in Carroll Gardens. Property Shark tells us it's a three-family home dating back to 1899, which most recently sold (in 2003) for the (bargain?) price of $200K. The close-but-no-cigar award goes to "troy," blogging at Static and Distance, who was one block off when he said "union street btwn bond and hoyt." (Actually, it's between Smith and Hoyt, not far from P.S. 32.) But TGB says Google isn't so well versed in Brooklyn: "In google maps or google earth, it puts you at the school on the corner of hoyt and union. it also spots my apartment building on sackett street incorrectly. there may be hope yet..." As always, thanks for playing along at home.
· Curbed BuildingSpotter: Red Door Brooklyn [Curbed]

UPDATE: According to a helpful commenter and TGB, that $200,000 figure was actually more likely a transfer within the family that has had the place for several years now. A more comparable neighborhood sale price? $1.575m.