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No Love for NoBatt? Try Trinity Park

As we're quickly learning, not all micro-neighborhood mashups are greeted with open arms. Hence, the replies to this morning's mention that another Starbucks was arriving in "NoBatt" (aka a slice of Downtown, aka a chunk of the Financial District, retorts one commenter). Adds a regular e-mailer and resident:

What a vulgar-sounding term. Why not go with Trinity Park? Aside from the obvious proximity to the church, churchyard, and street (Trinity Place), the church used to own all the land down here. Rumor is that they still own some of it, which is perhaps why some of the rent prices in the nabe remain safely below the stratosphere. Even if not, it correlates nicely with the odd presence of both generous greenspace and many huge parking garages in the area.

Also: I was doing a search for wifi providers in the hood (with the 'Bucks across the street, looks like T-Mobile for me) and a search on "10006" turned up "Trinity Park, NY." And doesn't that name sound so marketable? Please, just anything that does NOT associate us with BPC.

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