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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) The Fizzbows: Final Report from the FSBO Front (98 comments)
"The Fizzbows are nice folks no doubt. Good karma to be had just from reading this. As a broker I like happy endings. Do you think they could have sold for 635k+ with a broker?"
2) Barbara Corcoran on SoBro Starbucks (25 comments)
"I continue to guffaw at people who claim that these silly outlying areas are 20 MINUTES TO EVERYWHERE!!! I live 2 blocks from the 68th & Lex subway station, and literally work across the street from Grand Central, yet it never takes me less than 20 minutes just to get to work."
3) Floorplan: Stanhope Residences (24 comments)
"You know, I usually just skip over the floor plan porn items on Curbed - it just doesn't do anything for me. But I have to admit that even I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this ad in the NYT 'zine this Sunday. I must've spent a good hour staring at this thing like a slack-jawed yokel."
4) 2nd Avenue Deli: Kosher No More (20 comments)
"I think it's OK to lament about a loss of a favorite restaurant. What is not OK is this silly anti-business sentiment that 'New York becomes a huge shopping mall' and that 'all those ugly chains are taking over.'"