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Another 'Bucks North of Battery

While not as paradigm-shifting as the cafe kudzu that grew in the 10002, the appearance of yet another Starbucks sign still evokes a hearty, fist-shaking "Aw, man!" from our man downtown, photoblogger A Test of Will. But while it is entirely possible for us to resist the temptation of grande Mocha Frapp's, it is much harder for us to walk by a 'hood mashup when we see one:

Our tiny NoBatt neighborhood has only a handful of residential buildings and a handful of storefronts. There's a Starbucks over on Broadway and Thames, and there's one in the World Financial Center. How could there possibly be need for one here?For those mapping the march of freedom at home, that's the corner of Washington and Carlisle streets, where the flower shop used to be in the Marriott Financial Center, sez a disgruntled Will.
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