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MetroNorth Trains Torment Park Ave. Residents

Since the summer, the sounds of MetroNorth trains passing under Park Avenue have gotten louder. That's got residents peeved, and seeking recompense. All well and good. Now, for bonus points, choose the most unctuous resident quote from the Post story about this problem today:

1) "It's like living across from La Guardia Airport. We've always heard the trains, but they sounded far off in the distance. Now it feels like they run straight through the living room."
2) "It was never much louder than the other sounds of the city. But when we returned from the Hamptons at the end of the summer, something had changed."
3) "Park Avenue is supposed to be the jewel of the city. We shouldn't have to bear this deafening roar."

Stumped? Trick question! We're all going to hell!
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