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Rumblings & Bumblings: Junked Cars, Stalled Projects

Curbed readers ask good questions. You have the answers. We know you do. Send them, along with digital photography, and more questions to Or leave 'em in the comments below. The sanitized results Thursday.

1) Carroll Gowanus: A reader sends the picture above and asks, "What is this? Does anyone have any idea? It on the corner on Bond and Carroll Sts. in Gowanus/Carroll Gardens, right on the canal."
2) East Village: "Do you folks have any news on the 1-story taxi garage at 62 east 1st street (between 1st and 2nd avenues)? It appears to have closed up... This garage has been open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for as long as I can remember. It's been closed since New Year's and even the old awning is gone. They've even dumped a junked classic car out on the street that used to be kept inside (no, it hasn't been towed yet)."
3) Greenwich Village: Questions about on University Place: "pls verify rumours that (1) Cedar tavern has sold it's air rights, now that the (2) zoning on university place has changed? someone intends to build a high rise there? true? has the zoning on west side of university pl really changed? when? could they really build a highrise where D'Agostino now is?" And, finally, this one doesn't have a question mark, but that doesn't mean you can't answer: "SW corner 14th and university pl:heard that a 14 story high rise will be replacing the demolished Morris Lapidus odd job lot bldg."
4) Gramercy: "I wonder if and its readers can give me an update on the huge empty lot on the SW corner of E 23rd St and Third Ave (see 4th item). I live in the coop across the street and can see through my windows that there has not been any construction behind the fence for months. Last I heard it is suppose to be a 40+ floor condo building. Is it because the motel/pawn shop building refused to sell, or the fear of a cooling market that is hindering construction?"
5) Tribeca: "do you know anything about the opening of Loft Hotel at 130 Duane? Is it true it's locked up in a legal battle with the neighbors?" [Last month, HotelChatter noted the lack of chatter about this space (scheduled to open April 2006) and concluded: "maybe that means they are keeping their heads down and getting the job done." Such optimism!]