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Be Your Own Shvo

We admit that reading must be a maddening experience for the casual observer. With all the talk about luxury condos this, bubble that, broker's fees this and that, just where can a regular person get in on the action? Well, friends, have we unearthed an opportunity for you! License shmicense, it's time for some Craigslist DIY brokering!

Can You Find Me An Apt?!
Relocating to Brooklyn, need someone to find me an apt. You get me a place, I'll pay you $500. These are the details: must be a one bedroom or alcove studio - no box-like studios! must be in carroll gardens, prospect park, or park slope. CLOSE TO SUBWAY! Has to allow pets [I have a bunny], has to be UNDER $1500 - seriously, no budging on that issue. a sublet is okay as long as it's for a least ONE YEAR, furnished. regular rental must be clean, unfurnished and NO BROKERS fee. also, my credit isn't the best so credit-check unneccessary would work best. i can afford first, last, etc and provide references, however.

So, as if the whole Fizzbow thing wasn't enough of a headache, now realtors have to deal with Craigslist amateurs trying to do their jobs for them. We'll make an attempt to get in touch with the poster so we can all know how this turns out. Developing!!!
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