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Lower East Side Whole Foods Betting Pool

Following up on yesterday's whisper that the LES Whole Foods in the Avalon Chrystie Place apartment complex won't open for at least a year, real estate trade pub The Real Deal runs an item this afternoon stating point-blank that Da Foods will open "by this spring." Uh, okay. that appears to confirm the aforementioned whispers. "2007," it whispers.

Of course, the reality is anyone's guess — so let's do this up right and start a LES Whole Foods betting pool. Email your guess of the date the LES Whole Foods will open officially to the public to We'll spring for a $100 shopping spree at the LES Whole Foods for the winner. (If multiple people pick the same day, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner. Whole Foods employees not eligible, unless they unduly flatter us. Contest closes for entries this Friday, 1/20/06. We love you.)

Want more intel on when the damn place might actually open? Check this comment thread, too.
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UPDATE: Either we're fools, or TRD did a switcheroo on us with the expected opening. If the former is true, please keep those snickers to yourself. In the meantime, the POOL IS STILL ON! (No second guesses.)