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Bed Stuy Home Depot: The Fun Don't Stop

Gather round—it's time to play the choose-the-best-quote game again. Today, we turn to today's NYT business section story (and one rowdy blog proprietor) for comments on the Home Depot in Bedford Stuyvesant:

1) "It's excitement all day long." —Ricky Campbell, store manager
2) "It's a shot in the arm for local shoppers." —Kenneth Adams, president, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
3) "Home Depot was an out-of-the-ballpark home run for the tenant, broker and community." —Frank Zuckerbrot, Octagon Properties (construction)
4) "Frankly, we've always been struck at how un-crowded the store has been when we've been there." —Brownstoner

While you ponder your choice, chew on this factoid: "The official opening of a new store in Charleston, Staten Island, tomorrow will increase the number of stores in New York City to 19."
· Bringing a Big-Box Store to a Tough Area of Brooklyn [NYTimes]
· Home Depot Right at Home in Bed Stuy [Brownstoner]