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W. Village Protestors Head to City Hall Duane Reade

Nearly a year has gone by, and yet the protestors fighting West Village artist/director Julian Schnabel's nine-story house extension on West 11th Street haven't begun recycling their placards just yet. They've just picked up and moved closer to City Hall:

There were protestors marching around at Broadway between Chambers and Duane a few hours ago with placards against the W. Village rezoning rulings (complete with Schnabel hate). They had to be the least energized bunch I've ever seen. "The DOB let us down?" Yeah ... stick it to The Man or something! I wish I could've taken a pic, but I'm one of the last luddites without a camera phone.
Come on, people, we wanna know what they were chanting.
· West Villagers Fight Schnabel Tower [Curbed]

UPDATE: Kudos to the NY1 viewer (the few, the proud ...) who offers the following MSM wrap-up.