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Downtown Hangouts Up for Grabs

Looks like there's a little bit of moving and a whole lot of shaking going on in the restaurant/bar scene. Building on this morning's news items, here's some more hot info. First up is this Halstead listing for the commercial lease on what appears to be Belly (right), the funky Rivington St. lounge on the Lower East Side. According to the listing, the owners are getting out because of "other interests/ life changes," and they're leaving behind a $25,000/month business with a $2,400/month lease.

A little bit north, word comes from a tipster that the owners of Raga, an Indian-fusion restaurant on 6th Street, are looking for a buyer. That space has a basement for all your performance art needs and desires. So, here's two chances. Will somebody finally open up a Starbucks in this town?
· Listing: 155 Rivington Street [Halstead]
· Belly [Citysearch]
· Raga []