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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Loft Hotel Shaping Up

[It's ask Curbed, everybody's favorite parlor game, where we pose questions posed by readers, and then offer answers offered by readers. When it works, it's magic. And then there are weeks like this. Nonetheless, we present the (limited) replies to this weeks queries. Please, do not make us work any harder.]

1) Carroll Gowanus: Regarding the space on the corner of 1st and Bond (pictured right), a commenter notes: "It is an EMS station. This was supposed to happen a few years ago and some of us put pressure on the FDNY through our former councilmember Steve DiBrienza to make concessions to the community which included restoration to original brick facade, restoration of the bricked over windows, sidewalk repair, plantings. A whole slew of these stations were in the works but got cut along with the budget. I guess the money has been restored. "
2) East Village: As for the doings on University, we have learned very little, only that "the D'Agostino building itself is not worth saving, but the community might want to keep an eye on whatever is planned." Mm.
5) Tribeca: And now for the big news on Loft Hotel, the super-secret hotel on Duane: "After a long delay, work restarted just after the new year. Looks like exterior facade is just about complete (sans windows) and interior framing is underway."

Alas, no takers on the SW corner of E 23rd St and Third Ave and the garage at 62 E. 1st. Late entries accepted with penalty, as always, in the comments below or to
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