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25 Broad Street Update: They're Out, You're In?!

From the photos, this looks like a rather charming downtown apartment building. What makes the Craigslist ad touting these "luxury loft-style apartments" so very special, though, is that they appear to be at 25 Broad Street, the building where, as we learned last week, tenant leases aren't being renewed. Notes a commenter, "I live at 25 Broad—have for the last few years. So, I'm looking for a new place due to evictions here and what do I see on Craig's List? There's an apartment available at 25 Broad Street?" What's one to make of the (rather vague) listing from brokerage Urban Sanctuary? Let's go with "paperwork mixup."

In related 25 Broad Street news, another commenter posts a question worthy of Ask Curbed: "I live at 25 Broad and lease doesn't expire for several months. Is it legal for them to 'non-renew' the leases? It seems to me that since the conversion plan is non-eviction that non-renewing has the same effect."
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