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Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets Its Walking-Around Money

Stadiums aren't the only major projects getting the signoff today. The Brooklyn Bridge Park, the proposed 85-acre expanse of greenspace, vistas, and high-rises for the well-to-do tucked on the waterfront side of the BQE, cleared funding yesterday in Albany. Construction will begin next year on the park, which in this near-final-sorta iteration includes 1,240 units of luxury housing and 225 hotel rooms that could be converted to residential at the developers' discretion. (Hmmm, can't imagine that.) Opponents of the luxe housing aspect of the project vow to fight on—"This is not a park; they're just selling prime real estate," says one—but it's looking like a sure win for developers. After two decades of struggle, though, we'll take the greenspace, thanks, warts and all.
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