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Imagining the Newly Sanaatized Bowery

NYT architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff turns his eye on Japanese architects Sanaa's plans for the boxalicious new New Museum on the Bowery (inset, above), and breaks out the archibabble—"firmly rooted in the present, it is a remarkably sensitive exploration of the relationship between art, architecture and the human beings who animate them"—to communicate his overwhelming approval of the place.

What strikes us, though, is the wonderfully spot-on representation Sanaa has rendered of the type of visitors likely to wander in off the Bowery to check the museum out (above). Dazed delivery men, tripped-out club kids still recovering from a night of ecstacy-fueled bliss at The Mission—this painting, it's just so real—and, in the center of it all, a neo-homeless/quasi-wealthy soul, born of indeterminate place and origin, soaking it all up before ending it all. See you there!
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