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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers (Sorta): 'Great Escapes'

Well, we've narrowed down the location of the curvy green fire escapes at right ? can you say Little Chitaly? ? but even the photographer, Atomische, is stumped as to the particular address of this shot. We had some good guesses for the former Shively Sanitary Tenements, now known as the Cherokee Apartments, on the Upper East Side, but there weren't enough curves to go around. And it turns out W. 11th at W. 4th was too far, well, west. The case remains open, awaiting new leads, preferably slipped under our comments door in manila envelopes stamped TOP SECRET.
· Curbed BuildingSpotter: 'Great Escapes' [Curbed]

UPDATE: Looks like the second day was the charm. It's 56 Elizabeth Street, according to this morning's PShark-aided detective in the comments. Rock on with your stick-to-it-iveness.