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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) The Kings County Spelling Bee (64 comments)
"[S]ome brokers are not intellectuals, some are -- some are good, some are bad. My guess is that there are more intellectuals among brokers than there are among investment bankers -- true intellectuals have a hard time conforming to any corporate culture."
2) 25 Broad Street Update: They're Out, You're In (35 comments)
"What ever happened to the good old 'rent strike'? If all the people facing eviction withheld rent and got a lawyer it would certainly be major news. We shouldn't become the kind of city that just throws people out of their apartments because of a 'conversion'. Bring back the spirit of the 1960's, I say, 'hell no, we won't go!'"
3) Development Du Jour: 331 East 8th Street (22 comments)
"Actually, having grown up in NYC and having lived here for 20+ years, there always was an east village (though this really is in alphabet city), as there always was a lower east side. Two distinct neighborhoods that have existed for many years."
4) MetroNorth Trains Torment Park Ave. Residents (20 comments)
"I live next to the Major Deegan Expressway and I don't cry. Suck it up, or move back to whatever state you got laughed out of. Actually, just do the latter."