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Time Warner Center Parking Fees Confuse Outsiders

We've mentioned before how certain food prices at the Time Warner Center might confuse people in the Rest of America. Now, comes news from Bloomberg, via the blog Set Speed, that the monthly price of parking your car at the Columbus Circle mall ($550 to $600) is about what it'll cost you to rent a nice apartment in honest, hard-working heartland cities like Greensboro, N.C., Austin, Texas, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Still, this may just teach you to give up that car (those cars?) and cozy up more to public transit like the rest of us. Gilded MetroCards anybody?
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UPDATE: Excerpt from the Bloomberg story: "Keeping a car at Time Warner Center across from Central Park runs about $550 to $600 a month. One-bedroom rentals are available for $500 to $600 in Greensboro, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Cincinnati; and Oklahoma City, according to Internet site"