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David W. Dunlap Field Trip: Thwarted at the Landmarks

The Times' intrepid (and dapper) man-about-town David Dunlap dons his "spectacles, old Harris tweed jacket (right), button-down shirt, bow tie [and] thick-soled shoes," then heads out to see whether he can sneak into various famous interior landmarks around the city without getting caught or padded down by the style police. He secured his most unimpeded gander of the day at 32 Sixth Avenue, the former AT&T Long Distance Building, where he reveled in the "Jazz Age mosaics showing the continents linked by golden telephone strands." Elsewhere, he has to tangle with sundry "magnetometers," communicate with intransigent guards, and make it back to the time-machine before the portal closes! (OK, so we made some of that up.) Bottom line: Gaze quickly before they come to take you away, and don't even THINK of pretending you're not a "tourist" at the Woolworth Building.
· So, You Think You Can See a Landmark? [NYT]