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Hole Situation Update: A Hole For All Seasons

Just a few weeks after bitchings from tenants of Castle Village in Hudson Heights made it to our ears, the NYT updates the situation that's causing all this pain: the collapsed retaining wall at 181st Street. Seems not much has changed since last spring's collapse, and the prospects for imminent change aren't bright: "The city and the co-op are locked in a legal fight that some say could delay the cleanup and repairs for years." (N.B. Newsday did the same story in October. Let's queue up the Daily News for April, shall we?)

The best part of the article is the photograph of the landslide, now sporting a white winter coat. A free suggestion to the photobloggers in our audience: undertake a monthly photographic study of the landslide, followed by an exhibition at a Nolita gallery titled "A Hole for All Seasons." We'll bring the Gallo.
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