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It Happened One Weekend: Playing Favorites

1) The Post offers up a nothing-you-haven't-heard-before rundown of their five favorite new downtown developments, including the Cipriani Club and the Switch Building (right). [NYPost]
2) Now this is more like it! The Post also offers up a rundown of their favorite development website intros, including analysis. Here's what BLUE's says about prospective buyers: "Oh yeah, you also like the color blue. Your last girlfriend always said it brought out your eyes. She dumped you for some indie-rock guy, but now that you're moving to the Lower East Side, you can be cool, too." [NYPost]
3) Doesn't it seem like nearly every Hunt column lately is about hipsters? The trend continues this week, with the tale of a frantic hipster search to fill out the roster needed to move in to a Williamsburg duplex. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
4) Is the Two Bridges neighborhood of Manhattan the new Lower East Side? Ask a Guns N' Roses guitarist. [NYPost]
5) Here's one with some learnin'. When disasters strike condos, such as fires or floods, who is responsible for rebuilding what? [NYTimes]
6) Not quite from this weekend, but the Real Estate had more to add on our favorite Haute Living magazine cover. [The Real Estate]