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Scarano Channels Santiago in Fort Greene

On the left, architect Santiago Calatrava's Tower O' Penthouses, coming to 80 South Street as soon as they can nab a few more of those pesky $30 million deposits. On the right—stop and taste the glory. It's a 190-foot mixed use Tower O' Multiple Uses, including offices, apartments, parking garage, and a rooftop suicide deck accessible to residents of Fort Greene unable to accept what our old friends at Scarano Architects have done to their neighborhood.

In their own words: "Most residential or office towers are static objects in the city’s skyline, marked by typical floors and repetition. The design concept for this unique project, presents the residential building from a different perspective: it is developed in way to provide the tower with movement and keep the structural forces evident." Evident—um, yes.
· South Portland Tower [Scarano Architects (click "Multifamily Residential") via Prof. Brownstoner]