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Ask Curbed: What Can Your Landlord Do For You?

Been awhile since we've stumbled on a good landlord rant, so a post from the blog Bad Advice caught our eye. Excerpt:

After my refrigerator died, she told me she'd have a new one sent right over. "New" being a relative term. It was "new" to my apartment, but had been on this earth since the early eighties. To call it refurbished would be overstating the repair work done on the thing. The used-refrigerator men had simply smeared vaseline all around the rubber seal to get it to stick shut. Once the vaseline dried up or soaked in or went whereever it is old Vaseline disappears to, the door never quite shut again and so I got used to eating my food quickly and lukewarmly. Because I like my snacks chilled, I eventually sucked it up and bought my own Vaseline-free model.
For more amusement, read the whole thing. The post reminds us of a question IM'd to us yesterday by a Curbed friend: "Is my landlord responsible for fixing the broken door buzzers in our building? My super told me he's 'considering' having them fixed." Your general survival tactics for dealings with unsavory landlords in the comments, svp.
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