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Rumblings & Bumblings: No Sandwiches on Montague

A few questions submitted by actual Curbed readers for your consideration. Responses, more questions, and big, fat, high-res pictures to Or drop a note in the comments below.

1) Brooklyn Heights: "Do you guys know whats happening with the City Market Cafe on the corner of Montague and Clinton in Brooklyn Heights? It's been closed since the transit strike but there are no signs on the windows or any activity happening to tell us whats up."
2) Soho: "Lafayette and Spring: It looks like in a former life, it was a bank. And in all likelihood, the greenbacks will rise again. Didn't know if you heard any word."
3) Midtown West: "The Gas Station at 34th and 10th Avenue was recently shut down and fenced in. It is rumored that a residential tower is going up, is this true?" Can't anybody make it in the gas business in this town?
4) Carroll Gardens: "There seems to be some sort of renovation happening to a former Board of Education building on the corner of Smith and 1st Place in Carroll gardens. It sits above an entrance to the Carroll Street "F" train stop...any clues about what's going on?"
5) Chelsea: "Anyone know what's going at on West 20th Street between 10th and 11th? I've been parking a car there for 14 months, but was unceremoniously dumped by the guys there, who said they have to clear out all vehicles by January 25th in order to make room for what they think are 'galleries and condos.' Developer? Architect?"