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Javits Center May Look Less Dead in a Few Years

If you've been charged with remaking a building, it helps to slam it first to make your ultimate product seem that much more sensational. Architect Richard Rogers understood that yesterday, as he dubbed the Jacob Javits Convention Center a "mausoleum" at the unveiling of a master plan for the center's $1.7 billion expansion, which will double the size of the place, add more light, and create a six-block-long glass wall on 11th Ave. Though good funerary architecture does have its acolytes, we don't imagine he meant it as a compliment here.

And while we're on the topic, someone oughta tell the Daily News headline writers?"Javits may go from 'mausoleum' to $1.78 pride of West Side"?that $1.78 doesn't buy you a spin through the subway turnstile anymore, let alone the resurrection of a particularly unloved convention center.
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