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Bubble-Blog Bubble Snark for the Finance Set

Blogs that dare name themselves after the here-today-debunked-tomorrow real estate bubble come in for a bit of ribbing over at finance-heavy blog Long or Short Capital, where "Mr. Juggles" posts an unlucky list of 13 bubble blogs and whisks up a meta-y froth over it all:

These blogs, devoted to detailing the demise of the housing and refi boom, have begun to proliferate more quickly than Freedom Loans or all those anacondas I let loose in the Everglades in the 80’s. ... Is the public aware of this pernicious threat? What is being done by Greenspan/Bernanke & Co to ensure a “soft landing”? ... Please, the Fed, raise the blogging interest rates or constrict the blog money supply now. The Irrational Blogbooberance must stop now.
Good luck trying to link through to any of the Blogger-hosted bubble blogs this morning, as the servers don't appear to be awake. Google giveth and Google taketh away! (And no-budget bloggers everywhere weep in the meantime.)
· Is There a Bubble in Housing Bubble Blogs? [LongOrShort via Brownstoner]

UPDATE: Jonathan Miller was on the beat first! Or at least, earlier!