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On the Market: Buy a Chunk of Richard Meier

Is this the first flip to tumble out of Richard Meier's 165 Charles Street? It very well may be. You recall that 165 Charles differs from Meier's Perry Street buildings because the starchitect left the Perry spaces relatively raw, and he designed the Charles apartments right down to the little metal bars that hold the rolls of toilet paper. Also, these apartment aren't falling apart. So, ya know, it's going to cost you. Listed at $4.6 million with maintenance charges of $2,182 per month, the 1,796sf loft is one of three units in the building with a double-height living room. Seems to be a reasonable price-per-square-foot for such a luxurious development, but let it be known that it's a second-floor unit, so the views may not be as spectacular as other spots in the building. You can also rent the two-bedroom apartment for $26,000 per month if you feel like giving it a test drive.

If the creepy shadows don't suit your tastes, it was reported two months ago that 7 of the building's 31 units were still on the market, so perhaps you can snag something else with the Meier imprint. Happy shopping!
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