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Locating Dani Boy: South Village or HoHo?

Time again to play Name the Micro-Nabe with our unwitting guest presenter, everyone's favorite starry-eyed foodie, Frank Bruni of the Times. Writing in his dogeared diary about Dani at 333 Hudson St., Bruni opines:

Dani is just a bit north of [TriBeCa Grill], in one of those hard-to-pinpoint neighborhoods, identified in the restaurant's publicity materials as West SoHo but on some maps as the South Village.Our Curbed-minded reader writes that he'd always known the place as "Hudson Square," and adds: "By whatever name, the neighborhood is easy to pinpoint; it's just difficult to name. I think Curbed once had a post that listed all of the different names it goes by. My favorite remains 'HOHO,' since it's between HOuston and the HOlland Tunnel."
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