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'LES Bar Flip' Surprisingly Not a Drinking Game

Sad news received over the Internets this morning, as 12" Bar owner Joe Borzotta announced via email that he's selling the tiny Essex St. hangout he's been building up for two years (it was formerly Filthy McNasty's). He writes:

I moved to NYC in '03, and near my apartment I saw this little beer and wine bar for sale. I figured it was small, easy to handle, I felt great now, and owning a bar in NY would be a cool challenge! It was a total pit, so I figured I'd fix it, get it running, and flip it within 2 years. And so it has come to pass!This will hit area hipsters especially hard, considering 12" is the after-Mercury-Lounge prime destination and blogger bar of choice (that isn't called The Magician). No worries, though, because according to Joe, the new owners are keeping the name and theme going. However, "I am keeping my lunchboxes, bobbleheads and Farrah poster!"
· 12 Inch Bar [Citysearch]
[12" Bar photo via Flickr user Jen Dunlap]