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BLUE: Enjoy Your Views from Now Til Forever

Ah, BLUE. As noted, we cannot—must not—escape you. And now we must concede that buyers on the upper floors of this Lower East Side tower may enjoy unimpeded vistas for the rest of their lives. (Well, except for Co-Op Village to the south and THOR to the northwest. Trivialities.) Witness City Planning Commission chair Amanda Burden in a Q&A today with Metro:

How much of the city has been rezoned?
Burden: We have gotten past or are in the process of 52 rezonings through the City Council. Throughout Queens and the Bronx and Staten Island we’ve been working to preserve neighborhoods like Cambria Heights, Riverdale, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, City Island. Fort Greene is going to be one of the next neighborhoods. We’re entering discussions with the community this week. We have tentative boundaries [to downzone] the East Village and the Lower East Side. It’s an area I’m worried about being eaten by development, and the character jeopardized.
· Redeveloping New York City Block by Block [Metro]