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Curbed Three-Pack: UWS Rentals (Nora Ephron Bargains)

So you've just seen You've Got Mail, and while its tech references are becoming more dated with each passing AOL update, you have this uncontrollable urge to move to the Upper West Side, and you don't care who laughs. Problem is, you can't spend more than $2,000 a month for a one-bedroom. Here are three rentals that might just get you in the mood to eat at Cafe Lalo and stalk Meg Ryan.

1) One-bedroom, one-bath in a doorman building. $1,699/month. "Newly appointed with microwave, granite kitchen, air conditioning, high ceilings and beautiful arched picture windows." Plus you can play make-believe with that mural of Mary Poppins-esque Victorian pastiche pictured at top. No address listed, so renter beware, as NYC Apartments and others occasionally list properties far above 125th St. under the "Upper Westside" category. [Village Voice/NYC Apts]

2) 1BR, 1Ba in a 42-unit pre-war building at 226 West 78th St., between Broadway and Amsterdam. $1,750/mo. Not too many details besides "updated bathroom and kitchen," as well as laundry in the building, but at least you know the exact address and can therefore chart the approximate number of steps to your nearest Starbucks. Unless of course you can find room in that kitchen (at right) for a coffee maker of your own. [PeterAshe]

3) "Bedrooms: 1 (small)." Sometimes they just come out and say it, eschewing favored euphemisms like "cozy" or "just right." But this first-floor brownstone rental does have something that many renters would die for: a washer/dryer combo actually in the apartment. It's located in the West 70s on or near West End Avenue, and rent is $1,800/mo. A final tip (after viewing photo 3 on the site): Four couches might be just a bit excessive for the living area. [DwellingQuest]