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New Blog Alert! Put on Your Libel Hats

By now you may have heard of Trembicky, a new blog where people can rant about sucky landlords. After getting shouted-out on BoingBoing, the link has been passed on roughly 25,000 times. But our favorite email on the topic came from a reader who has first-hand experience with the site's inspiration, Park Slope landlady Gloria Trembicky:

I thought I was the greatest older brother when I helped my girlfriend find a studio on 7th street in Park Slope for $1200. I sat glowingly next to her as she signed the lease and was greeted by her new landlady, Gloria Trembicky, with a hug and "welcome to the family." Little did I know that I was the worst older brother in NYC.
Do check out Trembicky, if only for the charming and flattering illustration. We suspect the site will shatter the record for lawsuits filed in a one-week period.
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