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The Selling of BLUE

Oh, BLUE. No matter what is going on in our lives, no matter how busy or hectic our days may become, we always come back to you. Mmmmm ... BLUE.

Uh, anyway, an emailer asks, "How are sales going at BLUE?" Yikes, what's the rush? Let the pretty baby take shape, naw'mean? But since we don't want to disappoint BLUE's public, we'll share with you a little tip. Yesterday, Corcoran hosted a luncheon for around 75 brokers, all who represent buyers that may be interested in picking up a chunk of BLUE. They were briefed on amenities, the neighborhood, local eateries and all that crap. We don't know what it was like on the inside, but we're hoping that the presentation involved a PowerPoint slideshow on topics like, "There's a half-hour wait at the Back Room: stick it out or hit up Fat Baby?"
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